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Adult games against coronavirus: Make the right choice

There are lots of adult games these days. However, one game maker has found an ideal and also unique way to promote its game for free and, at the same time, appeal to the danger of spreading coronavirus infection. Video game maker Kagami Works has decided to distribute 90,000 free copies of the adult games, with the best one called Mirror to the Chinese, to keep people in their homes and thus reduce the spread of the infection. All the citizens there need to do to get to this game is to dial the phone number, highlighted as part of the promotion of this company called "Wuhan, we are with you!".

The game offers a large selection of girls who will "keep company" with the players while hiding from the virus in the house. The promotion of this company proved to be a good business move, as evidenced by the fact that Kagami, after only one day of distribution of adult games, had to provide an additional 20,000 free downloads. The Mirror emphasizes the scantily clad girls that the player needs to defeat in various puzzles to take them off. The game is distributed for 0.79 dollars, so Kagami does not lose a lot of money by giving it away, and free publicity is returned to them many times over.

Although some have condemned the company for using a virus that infected and killed lots of people in China, many agree that the move encourages safe behavior. The game leads players to stay safe in their homes, and it also underscores the importance of washing their hands as often as possible, which is certainly good advice - whether an epidemic is ongoing or not.

Nintendo would love to see adult games for a more mature audience on its Switch console

Although Nintendo has taken on the role of publisher of family games, the company seems to be moving away from that marketing strategy and preparing to swim in slightly more mature waters. Nintendo seems to intend to move away from its traditional role as a publisher of family games. In other words, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal, this Japanese company reportedly encourages developers to bring adult games for more mature audiences to their Switch console.

In addition to the hellish bloodshed in Doom and the war in Wolfenstein 2, we can expect other but also slightly different adult games on the first hybrid console. Namely, Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura, a game in which you massage sexy girls, and Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, an action RPG with scantily clad female characters, is coming to Switch. On top of that, previously, it was confirmed that we would be shooting horny girls in Gal Gun 2 with a pheromone on the Switch as well, which surprised the game developers themselves because they did not expect such a title to ever come to life on Nintendo's console.

Nintendo is urging some violent or risky video game publishers to provide slightly different content for their Switch console to tarnish family-only device manufacturers' image. Some developers claim that Nintendo has "been passive so far" when it comes to violent and risky titles. However, the same cannot be said for their current stance. On the other hand, Nintendo stated that it is “as with books, television, and movies; different content is intended for different audiences ”. It is no exaggeration to say that the expansion of the collection of adult games on the Switch is a tricky way Nintendo intends to fight the competition represented by the outstanding sales of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One X console.

The pornographic version of Final Fantasy XV is not worth waiting 10 years for

Soon after the release of Final Fantasy XV, which we had been waiting for ten years, a porn parody came out that was hurried and not nearly as good, so much so that we were even a little offended. Final Fantasy XV was a game that was worked on for ten years, and that went through everything to finally manage to delight its loyal audience. Full-Service Station is a pornographic parody of the Brazzers company, uncharacteristically hurried and a completely failed attempt among adult games. You’ll tell the lack of links and videos in this news for obvious reasons, but trust us - it’s not that you’re missing out too much.

Even the title itself is not even close to the original, although we will admit that their logo is quite good. But after the logo, everything went wrong. The main character is bald Sean Lawless, although Final Fantasy XV has no bald characters, and the main female role is Nikki Benz, who is supposed to represent Cindy. Still, Cindy has short blonde hair, and Nikki has long brown and obviously has no idea about cars.

The film's description is a bit ridiculous, but it’s explicit enough to make us hesitate about quoting, and that tells us it’s better not to touch it. We can paraphrase the plot, though, and the film’s premise is that Nikki fixes Sean’s car in the desert when they are attacked by a troll that Nikki kills, after which he discovers it’s not the only monster he’s going to deal with. It’s clear to you what is being insinuated here. As a fan of adult games, are you as disappointed as we are?

We tried Haydee - a game for adults and the patients (18+)

Haydee as one indie title with a bit of old-fashioned gameplay mechanics quite surprisingly shreds among adult games, but it’s not just because of the protagonist’s oversized breasts. After all, the game really has a lot of content. Like many other adult games, it could be interesting to some slightly older gamers among you who have the patience for increasingly difficult and confusing puzzles and the action moments that follow in later "rooms". By the way, the game has about 160 "rooms", say the developers.

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